Centre of Excellence

We are indeed proud of our long held traditional skills and the integrity of each one of our workforce. It is the sheer dedication and wealth of experience in techniques and individualistic specialization of our highly skilled staffs that has led to achieve success. We commit ourselves to ensure traditional methods are honed, key characteristics maintained and further developed to the highest standard.

The components of Chemicals and Dyes used are GOTS, GRS, OEKO TEX, ZDHC certified and approved. Usage of these yields higher efficiency and lowers the load to the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). We organize First Aid training, chemical handling training regularly, as the safety of our staff is paramount to us. We also provide frequent updates to our workforce.

Working with us is all about learning, educating and enjoying our ethos and vision of success. The emphasis on growth and commitment to clients ensures we meet industrial standards, maintain minimal in-house production costs and improvise our ways of production.

We are Global Recycled Standard certified and approved. 

Social Responsibility

We strictly adhere to TamilNadu Pollution Control Board norms and optimize use of water resources by recycling the same for dyeing process. We have a 3-Stage RO-System, Mechanical Evaporator and Automated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) trying to keep pace with upcoming technology.

ETP comprises of Biological Treatment which involves installation and maintenance of highly technological equipment. The sludge from the Biological treatment plants is accumulated safely, stored &sent in accordance with Government Rules and Regulations.

We have enrolled into ZDHC inventory program and working alongside with HIGG INDEX to make a complete sustainable and Zero Discharge Hazardous Plant.